Enchanted - "...come on a magical journey to the world of enchantment....

Tarot Readings .............£30 for 1 and a half hour face to face reading including tape.
Due to Covid-19 pandemic Zoom readings are available please contact me for further information: Deb 07960511063

An in-depth reading of 1 and a half hours duration commencing with the past, present and future, this is the framework for then moving onto the second half of the reading which explores more in-depth the areas and situations which came into being in the first stage of the reading. ,
Reiki Healing ................£25 for 1 hour treatment
 Reiki does not come from the healer but from the Universe through to the healer. The client lies fully clothed on a , the healer places her hands on the series of postions that constitute a healing session. The energy heals on all of the body's levels - physical, emotional,mental and spiritual.  Reiki relieves pain, speeds the healing process, relaxes the receiver and balances the person's chakras and aura energy.
Beginners Tarot Classes
Meditation Classes
Reiki Healing Training.........all levels
Day and evening available
Please ring Deborah on 07960511063 for details.
At Enchanted, we are dedicated to bringing and healing to our clients.
Give us a call today to find out how we can help you return to optimal and wellness!
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