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Spring Equinox/Ostara Tarot Reading
New/Full Moon-Equinox/Solstices Meditation Group
Beginners Meditation Class
Talks at Enchanted


Beginners Tarot Course
New/Full Moon Equinox/Solstice Meditation Group
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Spring Equinox/Ostara Tarot Reading

Spring Equinox/Ostara/Vernal Equinox 21 March 
There are two equinoxes each year, in March and September.  The Autumn Equinox marks the start of autumn (21st September) and the Spring Equinox marks the start of spring (21st March).   The Spring Equinox marks the moment when the sun crosses the earth’s equator and day and night become equal lengths.   ‘Eqi’ is Latin for ‘equal’ and ‘nox’ Latin for ‘night’.  
Other names for the spring equinox are Ostara, and vernal equinox.  Ostara is named after the Germanic goddess of spring and dawn.

New/Full Moon-Equinox/Solstices Meditation Group

New/Full Moon-Solstice/Equinox Group
At Enchanted, 4 Middle Mews, Backcester Lane 
Lichfield WS13 6JH 
Tuesday, 1pm-4pm or Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Tarot spreads will be used to focus on the New or Full Moon each month, a guided meditation will be then used to help us to go deeper about how the New Moon and the Full Moon effect us on a personal level.  At the Winter and Midsummer equinox’s we will examine, with meditation/tarot spreads how these also effect us on a personal level. Other  festivals will be celebrated similarly, starting with Samhain (Halloween) this Wednesday 30th October 2019, 6pm-8pm. £20 per month. Contact: Deborah 07960511063 de.howard@talktalk.net  www.enchantedinlichfield 

Beginners Meditation Class

Beginners Meditation Class
Enchanted 4 Middle Mews, Backcester Lane
Lichfield WS13 6JH 
Tuesdays 1pm-3pm
Guided meditation - opening/closing chakras, learning about the aura, protection. 
Beginners class - Tuesday 22nd January 2019
£20 each month for four classes each month. 
Contact Deborah on 07960512063 de.howard@talktalk.net 


Talks at Enchanted, 4 Middle Mews, Backcester Lane, Lichfield WS13 6JH

MAY 2018

Wednesday 16th May 2018 - UFOS and Astral Travel
7pm-9.30pm  £6

APRIL 2018

Wednesday, 18th - Ghosts and Hauntings
7pm-9.30pm  £6


Wednesday, 28th February - Freemasonry

Contact: Deb on 07960511063 www.enchantedinlichfield  de.howard@talktalk.net 

Talks at Enchanted

Talks at Enchanted, 4 Middle Mews, Backcester Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6JH
for Spring 2017.
£6 on Wednesday evenings 7pm-9.30pm. 

1st March - Druidry - Beliefs
8th March - Myths and Legends of Staffordshire
April - date to be confirmed - Holy Wells
May - date to be confirmed - Ley Lines

Dates to be confirmed with April/May talks due to a knee operation 7th April.  Dates for these will be posted on blog as soon as I know when I will be back at work. 

Beginners Tarot Workshop - Major Arcana

Beginners Tarot Workshop   - Major Arcana 

Date : Saturday,  18th February 2017  Time: 10am-4pm
Location each Enchanted 4 Middle Mews Backcester Lane Lichfield WS13 6JH 

Using the Rider Waite tarot deck,  rich with images and symbols,  learn about the symbolism and meaning of each card, practice different spreads.   There are 78 cards in the tarot deck, these are split into two parts, the Major Arcana, 22 cards, and the Minor Arcana, 56 cards.  In this workshop we will concentrate on the 22 major arcana  ( A second workshop learning about the Minor Arcana will follow ).

Events at Enchanted 2016 - Wednesday Evening Talks

Events at Enchanted 2016 - Wednesday Evening Talks

Wednesday, 20th July - Victorian Lichfield 
Wednesday, 17th August - Crystal Workshop
Wednesday, 7th September - Animals Communication Workshop
Wednesday,  5th October - Animals and The Afterlife

Contact: Deborah on 07960511063 or email de.howard@talktalk.net for more information.  

Reincarnation Talk

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

Thomas Janak - Talk on Reincarnation 
7pm at Enchanted, 4 Middle Mews, Backcester  Lane Lichfield  WS13 6JH
 Fully booked. Call Deb on 07960511063

Beginner Tarot Course - January 2015

BEGINNERS TAROT COURSE - Commencing Tuesday, 27th January 2015.

8 week course - £70 - 6pm - 8pm

Using the Rider Waite tarot deck you will learn to interpret each card by examining the symbolic meaning of the imagery of each card, and the numerological and astrological references.  The tarot deck is divided into two parts: The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana, therefore the course is split into two parts:

The first four weeks - The Major Arcana
The last two weeks -  The Minor Arcana.



for 8 weeks between 6.30pm-8.30pm.

You will need the Rider Waite tarot deck for the course, which is rich in symbology which will trigger your intuitiveness.  The 8 week course includes symbolic meanings, the history, and the numerological and astrological significance in the Rider Waite tarot deck.  Each lesson a hand-out will be given which covers what you have learned in that particular lesson, building into a comprehensive manual which is yours to keep.
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